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The Prussians win the decisive victory of the Prussia-Austria War at the Battle of Königgrätz/Sadowa.

Aftermath of the battle of Königgrätz/Sadowa, June 3, 1866, artist's impression, zoomable image.

The war between Prussia and Austria was only weeks old and the Prussian invasion of Bohemia had already resulted in heavy Austrian losses.  In the decisive battle of the war, fought in the present-day Czech Republic between the towns of Sadowa and Hradec Králové (then called Königgrätz), the demoralized Austrian armies were outmaneuvered and heavily defeated.  Sporadic fighting continued but less than three weeks later a cease fire was ordered.  At Königgrätz, the Austrians lost close to six thousand men killed, a cost three times that of the Prussians. (By John Osborne)

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