Lexington, KY

Lexington, Kentucky, 1861, artist's impression
LEXINGTON, city, seat of justice of Fayette co., Ky., 24 ms. S. E. of Frankfort, situated on a branch of Elkhorn river, 70 miles from Louisville, and 515 from Washington. It is the oldest town in the state, and was formerly the capital... A large public square adorns the centre of the place, which is surrounded by stately private mansions. The public buildings are, a courthouse, Masonic hall, jail, state lunatic asylum, and the halls of the Transylvania university, together with several churches and academies, and the hospitality and intelligence of its citizens, and render it a desirable southern residence. The population in 1820, was 5,283; in 1830, 6,408; in 1840, 6,984; in 1850, ---. (Fanning's, 1853)

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  City or Town
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Birthplace of

Blair, Francis Preston, Jr.

Francis Preston Blair, Jr., detail
Full name
  Francis Preston Blair

Breckinridge, John Cabell

John Cabell Breckinridge, detail
Full name
  John Cabell Breckinridge

Brown, Benjamin Gratz

Benjamin Gratz Brown, Brady image, detail
Full name
  Benjamin Gratz Brown

Brown, William Wells

William Wells Brown, detail
Full name
  William Wells Brown

Campbell, John W.

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  John W. Campbell

Candy, Charles

Charles Candy, detail
Full name
  Charles Candy

Cooper, R. Wickliffe

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  R. Wickliffe Cooper

Hawes, James Morrison

James Morrison Hawes, detail
Full name
  James Morrison Hawes

Hayden, Lewis

Lewis Hayden, detail
Full name
  Lewis Hayden

Lincoln, Mary Todd

Mary Todd Lincoln, circa 1846, detail
Full name
  Mary Ann Todd Lincoln

Richardson, William Alexander

William Alexander Richardson, circa 1864, detail
Full name
  William Alexander Richardson

Shelby, Joseph Orville

Joseph Orville Shelby, detail
Full name
  Joseph Orville Shelby

Stuart, John Todd

John Todd Stuart, circa 1864, detail
Full name
  John Todd Stuart

Thruston, Charles Mynn

Full name
  Charles Mynn Thruston

Todd, George Rogers Clark

No image yet available for this man
Full name
  George Rogers Clark Todd

Todd, John Blair Smith

John Blair Smith Todd, Brady image, detail
Full name
  John Blair Smith Todd
Burial place of

Granger, Gordon

Gordon Granger, detail
Full name
  Gordon Granger

Prosser, George T.

African American Soldier - No photograph currently available
Full name
  George T. Prosser


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