Annapolis, MD

Maryland State House, Annapolis, Maryland
ANNAPOLIS CITY, capital of Maryland, and seat of justice of Anne Arundel county, is situated on the south west bank of Severn river, three miles from its entrance into Chesapeake bay, 20 miles southeast of Baltimore, and 40 miles from Washington. Though located favorably enough for commerce, on a good harbor, the tide of trade and prosperity is drawn too strongly toward Baltimore to allow it to flourish as vigorously as it otherwise might.... The population in 1810, was about 2,000; in 1820, 2,260; in 1830, 2,623; in 1840, 2,792; in 1850, 3,011. (Fanning's, 1853)

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  City or Town
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Birthplace of

Davis, Henry Winter

Henry Winter Davis, detail
Full name
  Henry Winter Davis

Deale, John Summerfield

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  John Summerfield Deale

Hammond, William Alexander

William Alexander Hammond, detail
Full name
  William Alexander Hammond

Johnson, Reverdy

Reverdy Johnson, circa 1864, detail
Full name
  Reverdy Johnson

Munroe, John Andrew

John Andrew Munroe, detail
Full name
  John Andrew Munroe


Full name
Burial place of

Lockwood, Henry Hayes

Henry Hayes Lockwood, detail
Full name
  Henry Hayes Lockwood

Pratt, Thomas George

Thomas George Pratt, detail
Full name
  Thomas George Pratt

Sellman, Richard Dorsey

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  Richard Dorsey Sellman

Waddell, James Iredell

James Iredell Waddell, detail
Full name
  James Iredell Waddell


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