Baltimore County, MD

Baltimore County, Maryland, 1857
BALTIMORE COUNTY, situated in the northerly part of Maryland, on the north side of Patapsco river, and the westerly side of Chesapeake bay.... The face of the country is agreeably diversified by hill and dale, abundantly wooded and watered, and generally well cultuvated, tha soil being good for grazing, orchards, and the production of grain. Courts are held at Baltimore. Pop., in 1820, exclusive of that of the city and its precincts, 33,352; in 1830, including that of Baltimore, 120,870; in 1840, 134,379; in 1850, 203,928. (Fanning's, 1853)

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Bosley, Grafton Marsh

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  Grafton Marsh Bosley

Dill, Andrew Hemphill

Andrew Hemphill Dill, detail
Full name
  Andrew Hemphill Dill

Ege, Alexander Hemphill

Alexander Hemphill Ege, detail
Full name
  Alexander Hemphill Ege

Gorsuch, Edward

Full name
  Edward Gorsuch

Howard, Benjamin Chew

No image yet available for this man
Full name
  Benjamin Chew Howard

Wilson, Henry Merryman

Dickinson College Alumnus - No photograph currently available
Full name
  Henry Merryman Wilson

Zimmerman, George Henry

George Henry Zimmerman, detail
Full name
  George Henry Zimmerman


Contained places
Name Type
Cockeysville, MD City or Town
Glencoe, MD City or Town
Kingsville, MD City or Town
Monkton, MD City or Town
Mount Clare, MD City or Town
Parkton, MD City or Town
Reistertown, MD City or Town