Type Date spansort icon Title
Personal 10/12/1859 Robert Stephenson, eminent British engineer, dies in London
Campaigns/Elections 10/11/1859 General elections are held in five states - Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota
Religion/Philosophy 10/11/1859 In Arabia, the annual pilgramage to Mecca ends for the year
Education/Culture 10/10/1859 All-England Cricket team continues its tour with a match in Philadelphia
Science/Technology 10/10/1859 Charles Darwin finishes editing his great work on evolution and sends it to the printers
Foreign 10/09/1859 Alfred Dreyfus, future French artillery officer and Devil's Island prisoner, is born in Alsace
Crime/Disasters 10/09/1859 Passengers from the stricken steamer Quaker City landed safely in Norfolk, Virginia
Religion/Philosophy 10/08/1859 Yom Kippur
Crime/Disasters 10/07/1859 William Walker's latest filibustering attempt ends before it begins with arrest by U.S. Marshals
Crime/Disasters 10/07/1859 Passenger steamer bound for Havana disabled off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Crime/Disasters 10/06/1859 High winds devastate the New Hampshire State Fair at Dover, New Hampshire
Foreign 10/06/1859 In Italy, a mob murders the hated former military chief of the deposed Duchy of Palma
Religion/Philosophy 10/05/185910/06/1859 American Bible Union holds its 10th Annual Conference in New York City
Campaigns/Elections 10/05/1859 A heavy earthquake strikes northern Chile
Campaigns/Elections 10/04/1859 The Wyandotte Constitution is put to a popular vote in Kansas
Personal 10/04/1859 Karl Baedeker, founding father of travel guides, dies in Germany
Legal/Political 10/04/1859 Vigilance Committee forms in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana
Business/Industry 10/04/185910/07/1859 Michigan State Fair in session in Detroit
Personal 10/03/1859 John Young Mason dies in Paris where he is United States Minister
Education/Culture 10/03/185910/04/1859 The touring All-England Cricket Team plays against a United States team in Hoboken