Type Date spansort icon Title
Crime/Disasters 01/03/1860 Tenement fire in New York City kills six people
Legal/Political 01/03/1860 Large political meeting in favor of the Union held in Maysville, Kentucky
Slavery/Abolition 01/03/1860 Nebraska legislature votes to abolish slavery in the territory
Campaigns/Elections 01/03/1860 Republicans sweep Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's municipal elections
Legal/Political 01/02/1860 Governor Chase of Ohio responds to Virginia Governor Wise's accusations against his northern neighbors
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/02/1860 The California Legislature assembles in Sacremento with a slight pro-slavery Democratic majority
Crime/Disasters 01/02/1860 Fire destroys Female College in Hernando, Mississippi
Education/Culture 01/01/1860 First Czech language paper in the United States commences publication
Battles/Soldiers 01/01/1860 Spanish defeat the Moroccans at the Battle of Catellijo
Foreign 12/31/1859 Napoleon III urges Pope Pius IX to give up the revolting Papal States
Crime/Disasters 12/30/1859 Ten below cold brings collapse of portions of the Union Railroad Depot in Troy, New York
Crime/Disasters 12/29/1859 Fire causes heavy damage in lower New York City
Campaigns/Elections 12/29/1859 The returned Senator Seward meets his New York City contituents
Personal 12/28/1859 Thomas Babington Macaulay, British statesman and historian, dies in London
Legal/Political 12/28/1859 Senator Seward of New York returns to the United States from Europe
Lawmaking/Litigating 12/27/1859 President Buchanan sends his annual message to the United States Senate
US/the World 12/25/1859 Australian Thomas Austin hosts his first rabbit hunt with twenty-five wild rabbits imported from England
Crime/Disasters 12/25/1859 Australia-bound ship wrecked in the English Channel soon after sailing and all aboard are lost
Legal/Political 12/22/1859 Governor Wise of Virginia meets with southern medical students returned from Philadelphia
Legal/Political 12/21/1859 Southern students make a mass exodus from Philadelphia's medical schools