Type Date spansort icon Title
Legal/Political 11/01/1859 At the Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, Wendell Phillips praises John Brown in a speech
Science/Technology 11/01/1859 New Cape Lookout Lighthouse lit for the first time on North Carolina coast
Personal 10/30/1859 John Young Mason buried in Richmond, Virginia
Slavery/Abolition 10/28/185910/29/1859 Mob destroys the office of Abolitionist newspaper in Newport, Kentucky
Lawmaking/Litigating 10/27/185910/31/1859 John Brown stands trial in Charlestown, Virginia
Lawmaking/Litigating 10/26/1859 John Brown and his fellow prisoners are held at Charlestown pending trial before a Virginia court
Lawmaking/Litigating 10/25/1859 John Brown appears before a Virginia court for the first time
Crime/Disasters 10/25/185910/26/1859 Massive storms batter the western coast of the British Isles and cause hundreds of deaths
Education/Culture 10/25/1859 All-England Cricket team wind up their United States tour with a victory in Rochester, New York
Science/Technology 10/24/1859 Louis Agassiz donates his collections to the new Museum of Comparative Zoology in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Crime/Disasters 10/23/185910/24/1859 Fire destroys a large section of New Orleans' thriving Fourth District
Foreign 10/22/1859 The Spanish-Moroccan War begins in earnest
Crime/Disasters 10/21/1859 Explosion at the Du Pont Powder Mills in Delaware kills seven
Cultural 10/20/1859 John Dewey, American philosoper and reformer, born in Vermont
Foreign 10/20/1859 With Vietnamese resistance continuing, the French commander in Indo-China asks to be relieved
Lawmaking/Litigating 10/20/185910/24/1859 John Brown and his fellow prisoners are held at Charlestown, Virginia pending trial
Battles/Soldiers 10/19/1859 John Brown and his surviving raiders are taken to Charlestown, Virginia under heavy guard
Religion/Philosophy 10/18/1859 Louisville Conference of the Methodist Church votes to permit slave owning among its members
Battles/Soldiers 10/18/1859 John Brown's attack on Harpers Ferry ends when Marines storm the Engine House
Battles/Soldiers 10/18/1859 In New Mexico, U.S. Army mounted infantry fight a small band of Navajo