Type Date spansort icon Title
Education/Culture 09/17/1858 The Boston Public Library moves into its new building in Boylston Street
Slavery/Abolition 09/17/1858 Dred Scott dies in St. Louis, Missouri
Business/Industry 09/16/1858 The first overland mail for California leaves St. Louis for San Francisco
Foreign 09/16/1858 Andrew Bonar Law, future British Prime Minister, is born in Canada
Campaigns/Elections 09/15/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their third debate in Jonesboro, Illinois
Crime/Disasters 09/15/1858 Yellow Fever epidemic declared in Mobile, Alabama
Personal 09/15/1858 Augustus Drum, former congressman from Pennsylvania, dies at his home in Westmoreland County
Crime/Disasters 09/13/1858 German steamship bound from Hamburg to New York burns at sea with heavy loss of life
Slavery/Abolition 09/13/1858 Fugitive slave John Price arrested in Oberlin, Ohio but freed by a anti-slavery mob in nearby Wellington
09/13/1858 Annual New Jersey State Fair opens near Elizabethtown
Battles/Soldiers 09/07/1858 Governor King declares Richmond County, New York in a state of insurrection
Cultural 09/03/1858 The American chess player, Paul Charles Morphy, puts on a demonstration of his skill in Paris
09/03/1858 Louisiana Vigilance Committee forces disperse massed "Anti-Vigilance" outlaws at Bayou Tortue
Foreign 09/01/1858 East India Company rule in India ends and the Crown takes sole authority over British possessions on the sub-continent
Battles/Soldiers 09/01/1858 U.S. Army units defeat a Native American force in the Battle of Four Lakes in Oregon
Crime/Disasters 09/01/185809/02/1858 Mob burns the New York State Quarantine buildings on Staten Island
Legal/Political 08/29/1858 The 318 slaves from a captured American slave ship are landed at Castle Pinckney, in Charleston Harbor
Personal 08/28/1858 William Fitzhugh Gordon, former Congressman from Virginia, dies in Albemarle County, Virginia
Campaigns/Elections 08/27/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their second debate in Freeport, Illinois
Legal/Political 08/27/1858 Captured American slaveship arrives in Charleston Harbor with 318 slaves aboard