Type Date spansort icon Title
US/the World 07/17/1859 Estafania, Queen of Portugal, dies of diptheria in Lisbon, aged twenty-two
Dickinsonian 07/14/1859 Dickinson College holds annual commencement ceremonies
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/14/1859 Nevada settlers elect a slate of delegates to frame a territorial constitution
Science/Technology 07/12/1859 Baltimore's first streetcar goes into operation on Broadway in the city
Battles/Soldiers 07/09/1859 Ninth U.S. Infantry troops under Captain George Picket occupy San Juan Island as the "Pig War" escalates
Slavery/Abolition 07/09/1859 In Britain a legal judgment confirms that no British subject or company may own or sell slaves abroad
Foreign 07/08/1859 Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and Emperor Napoleon III of France sign an armistice at Villafranca in Italy
Crime/Disasters 07/08/1859 Arizona Territorial delegate Sylvester Mowry fights duel with Arizona newspaperman E. E. Cross
Lawmaking/Litigating 07/06/185907/28/1859 The convention charged with creating a Kansas State Constitution is meeting in Wyandotte, Kansas
US/the World 07/06/1859 Heat soars in Europe to some of the highest temperatures recorded
Legal/Political 07/05/1859 A convention assembles in Wyandotte, Kansas to create a Kansas State Constitution
Science/Technology 07/05/1859 American merchant captain discovers the Midway Islands
Education/Culture 07/01/1859 Tennyson's newly published Idylls of the King selling strongly in England
Cultural 07/01/1859 Amherst beats Williams in the first ever intercollegiate baseball game by a score of 73-22
Education/Culture 06/30/1859 Blondin crosses Niagara Falls on a tightrope for the first time
Business/Industry 06/30/1859 The U.S. Post Office reports another record deficit for the year ending June 30, 1859
Cultural 06/28/185906/29/1859 First ever dog show held at Newcastle in northern England
Science/Technology 06/27/1859 A Police and Fire Alarm System goes into operation in Baltimore, Maryland
Crime/Disasters 06/27/1859 A serious railroad accident in Indiana kills dozens when floods wash away tracks
Battles/Soldiers 06/25/1859 In China, a British attack on the Taku Forts is repulsed with heavy losses