Type Date spansort icon Title
Foreign 02/02/1859 In Indo-China, French and Spanish forces sail from Danang to attempt the capture Saigon
Cultural 02/02/1859 Havelock Ellis, pioneer sexologist, is born in England
Business/Industry 02/01/1859 New decimal standard of weight for grains comes into effect in the Liverpool Corn Exchange
Slavery/Abolition 02/01/185902/02/1859 The New York State Anti-Slavery Convention meets in Albany and advocates the dissolution of the Union
Education/Culture 02/01/1859 George Eliot publishes her best-selling three volume novel Adam Bede
Crime/Disasters 01/31/1859 Giant lava flow on the island of Hawaii reaches the ocean forty miles from the point of eruption
US/the World 01/30/1859 Prince Napoleon marries Princess Clohilde of Savoy in Turin
Education/Culture 01/28/1859 Celebrated historian William H. Prescott dies of a stroke at his home in Boston
Crime/Disasters 01/28/1859 Steamship from Norfolk to Baltimore burns with one passenger and a crewman lost
Business/Industry 01/28/1859 New York City's Committee on Streets meets to discuss a proposal that the city's telegraph lines be buried underground
Foreign 01/27/1859 Future Kaiser Wilhelm II born in Berlin
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/27/1859 Speaker of the House Orr and Congressman Hughes of Indiana exchange insults and almost come to blows in the U.S. Capital
Slavery/Abolition 01/27/1859 The 27th Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society is held in Boston
US/the World 01/26/1859 U.S. Commissioner James Bowlin arrives in Paraguay to negotiate a commerce and navigation treaty
Cultural 01/25/1859 Scots all over the world celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Robert Burns, their national poet
Foreign 01/24/1859 The eastern European provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia are united to form what will be called Romania
Foreign 01/23/1859 Nicholas Fabre Geffrard is sworn in a President of Haiti
Crime/Disasters 01/23/1859 Large volcanic eruption begins on the island of Hawaii
Education/Culture 01/22/1859 Brahms' First Piano Concerto premieres at Hanover in northern Germany
Crime/Disasters 01/21/1859 In Ohio, the Coshocton County Treasurer's Office is robbed of $20,000