Type Date spansort icon Title
Foreign 09/12/1859 In Italy, Palma and Piacenta request annexation to the Kingdon of Piedmont-Sardinia
Foreign 09/11/1859 In Italy, Palma and Piacenta vote to break away from Bourbon rule
Crime/Disasters 09/10/185909/14/1859 Huge fire burns out of control for five days in the Turkish capital of Constantinople
Foreign 09/03/1859 Jean Jaurès, the French socialist hero, is born at Castre in south-western France
Science/Technology 09/02/1859 Gas lighting introduced in Hawaii
Science/Technology 09/01/185909/02/1859 A massive geomagnetic storm disrupts navigation and telegraphy around the globe
Science/Technology 09/01/1859 Solar flares directly connected to the disruption of the Earth's magnetic field for the first time
Lawmaking/Litigating 09/01/1859 Nevada voters confirm the constitution for their unorganized territory by referendum
Science/Technology 08/28/185908/29/1859 A remarkable display of the Northern Lights is seen in Europe and North America
Foreign 08/26/1859 Final resistance to the Russian conquest of the Caucasus ends with the capture of Chechen leader Shamil
Crime/Disasters 08/15/1859 First Dragoons from Fort Crook in California in chase and fight with hostile Indians
Crime/Disasters 08/15/185908/18/1859 Mount Hood in Oregon in volcanic eruption
Battles/Soldiers 08/14/1859 U.S. Army in action against hostile Indians in Utah Territory
Crime/Disasters 08/13/1859 Inmate burns the Massachusetts State Reform School at Westboro to the ground
Crime/Disasters 08/12/1859 Fire causes heavy damage in Lawrence, Massachusetts
Education/Culture 08/11/1859 The National Teacher's Association are meeting for their annual conference in Washington, DC
Science/Technology 08/08/1859 The American Scientific Association concludes its annual meeting in Springfield, Massachusetts
Foreign 08/06/1859 Representatives of Austria, France, and Piedmont-Sardinia meet in Zurich to negotiate a permanent end to the war in Italy
Crime/Disasters 08/06/1859 Explosions at an Irish gunpowder mill kill five and cause widespread damage
Education/Culture 08/05/1859 Advocates for women's rights meet in Poughkeepsie, New York