Type Date spansort icon Title
Legal/Political 11/01/1858 A Reform Association is constituted in Baltimore to attempt to bring order to the city
Personal 10/31/1858 The last of Wolfgang Mozart's sons dies in Milan
Business/Industry 10/28/1858 Rowland Hussey Macy opens his new New York City store for its first day of business and has takings of $11.06
Personal 10/27/1858 Theodore Roosevelt is born in New York City
Slavery/Abolition 10/25/1858 Senator Seward gives his famous "irrepressible conflict" speech in Rochester, New York
Foreign 10/23/1858 The dispute between France and Portugal over the slave ship "Charles-et-Georges" is settled
Cultural 10/21/1858 Offenbach's operetta "Orpheus in the Underworld" opens in Paris and introduces the world to the "can-can"
Battles/Soldiers 10/17/1858 In New Mexico, an audacious Navajo attack on the Fort Defiance livestock herd is driven off
Education/Culture 10/16/1858 London based philanthropist George Peabody donates a further $200,000 to the Peabody Institute in Baltimore
Business/Industry 10/16/1858 Suffolk Bank announces its intention to end the Suffolk Banking System in force since 1824
Campaigns/Elections 10/15/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their final debate in Alton, Illinois
Personal 10/15/1858 Future boxing champion John L. Sullivan born to Irish immigrant parents in Boston
Campaigns/Elections 10/13/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their sixth, and most acrimonious, debate in Quincy, Illinois
Cultural 10/12/185810/16/1858 The highly influential Association for the Promotion of Social Science holds its second annual meeting in Liverpool, England
Science/Technology 10/10/1858 Donati's Comet passes at its closest to the Earth
Business/Industry 10/09/1858 The first overland mail from California arrives in St. Louis, twenty-five days out from San Francisco
Campaigns/Elections 10/07/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their fifth debate in Galesburg, Illinois
Battles/Soldiers 10/01/1858 Second Cavalry under Captain Earl Van Dorn battles with Comanche Indians at Wichita Village in Indian Territory
Foreign 09/29/1858 Miguel Miramón wins a clear victory over liberals at the battle of Ahualulco de los Pinos in north-central Mexico
Crime/Disasters 09/29/1858 Ammunition dump explodes in Cuba, killing dozens and destroying a large area of Havana