Type Date spansort icon Title
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/15/185806/16/1858 The Senate of the United States is sitting in a two day special session in Washington, DC
Crime/Disasters 06/14/1858 Floods ravage Cairo, Illinois
Legal/Political 06/14/1858 James H. Lane goes on trial for murder in Kansas
Legal/Political 06/14/1858 Utah Territorial Governor proclaims a blanket pardon to end the Mormon War
Legal/Political 06/14/1858 The 35th Congress ends its first session in Washington, DC. and adjourns until December
US/the World 06/13/1858 Treaty signed between United States and China
Crime/Disasters 06/13/1858 Steamboat founders on the Mississippi
US/the World 06/12/1858 President Báez flees Santo Domingo
Crime/Disasters 06/12/1858 Floods in Baltimore
Foreign 06/11/1858 The "Welcome Nugget," weighing 126.25 pounds, found in the Australian goldfields
Crime/Disasters 06/09/185806/12/1858 Abundant rains deluge many northern states
Business/Industry 06/09/1858 A gold nugget weighting almost 185 pounds dug up in the Australian gold fields
Personal 06/06/1858 William Stoker marries in Texas
Personal 06/04/1858 James Pinckney Henderson, the new Senator from Texas, dies in Philadelphia before even taking his seat
Religion/Philosophy 06/03/1858 Corpus Christi celebrated
Science/Technology 06/02/1858 Giovanni Donati discovers his comet
Personal 06/01/1858 Moncure Conway marries Ellen Dana in Cincinnati, Ohio
Religion/Philosophy 05/23/1858 Whitsunday or Pentecost
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/23/1858 Minnesota puts together its new state government in its capital of St. Paul
Military/Violent 05/19/1858 Missouri "border ruffians" murder five freesoilers near Marais des Cygnes in Kansas