Type Date spansort icon Title
Education/Culture 11/20/1859 Large parade held in New York City in memory of the late Senator Broderick of California
Crime/Disasters 11/19/185911/20/1859 Winter gale causes havoc to shipping on the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada
Campaigns/Elections 11/19/1859 Leading Chicago newspaper strongly endorses Abraham Lincoln for President
Business/Industry 11/19/1859 Henry Pope leases his farm in western Pennsylvania for oil exploration
Battles/Soldiers 11/18/1859 Newspaper feud in Nashville over Harpers Ferry results in murder on the street
Legal/Political 11/18/1859 All defendants in the Columbus Jones kidnapping case acquitted in Massachusetts
Crime/Disasters 11/18/1859 Freight train derails on a bridge in Indiana and goes into the river killing two crewmen
Legal/Political 11/17/1859 Burning haystack panics Virginians anticipating an attempt to rescue John Brown
Cultural 11/16/1859 Aleksandr Ostrovsky's play "Groza," or "The Storm," premieres in Moscow.
Crime/Disasters 11/16/1859 Burned out Buffalo grain elevator collapses and kills two clean-up workers
Crime/Disasters 11/16/185911/17/1859 Deadly fire burns overnight in Atlanta, Georgia
US/the World 11/16/1859 The National Rifle Association founded in London
Science/Technology 11/15/1859 Large and bright meteor is tracked across the east coast
Campaigns/Elections 11/15/1859 Mozart Hall Democrats nominate Fernando Wood for mayor of New York City
Business/Industry 11/15/1859 The Ohio River at Pittsburgh open to navigation for the winter
Science/Technology 11/14/1859 A large meteor observed over the main island of Hawaii
Legal/Political 11/14/1859 Deposed president of Costa Rica received in Washington
Cultural 11/12/1859 Jules Léotard performs the first high-flying trapeze act at the Cirque Napoléon in Paris
Legal/Political 11/12/1859 Officers and crew of captured American slaveship indicted in New York City
Foreign 11/11/1859 The Treaty of Zurich is signed between France, Austria, and Piedmont-Sardinia