Type Date spansort icon Title
Women/Families 05/12/1859 Ninth National Women's Rights Convention held in New York City
Slavery/Abolition 05/11/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell is sentenced to sixty days in jail for violation of the Fugitive Slave Law
Business/Industry 05/10/1859 Prospector makes the richest gold discovery yet in Colorado
Slavery/Abolition 05/10/185905/18/1859 A commercial convention focusing on the slave trade is meeting in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Foreign 05/10/185905/12/1859 French Emperor Napoleon III travels from Paris to Genoa to take command of the French troops in Italy
Legal/Political 05/10/1859 Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is found guilty under the Fugitive Slave Law in Cleveland
Cultural 05/09/1859 Horace Greeley sets off from New York on his tour of the West
Slavery/Abolition 05/09/1859 A commercial convention focusing on the slave trade opens in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Slavery/Abolition 05/09/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones returned to the South from Massachusetts
Business/Industry 05/09/185905/19/1859 The Southern Commercial Convention is meeting in Vicksburg, Mississippi with slavery high on the agenda
Slavery/Abolition 05/08/1859 Fugitive slave stowaway Columbus Jones arrives in chains at Hyannis, Massachusetts
US/the World 05/07/1859 Senator Seward sails for Europe on a mission to "recruit his health" and study "Old World" institutions
Foreign 05/06/1859 Alexander von Humboldt dies in Berlin
Personal 05/06/1859 Joseph Brown Smith, the first fully blind American college graduate, dies in Louisville, Kentucky
US/the World 05/05/1859 With the Treaty of Caracas, Brazil and Venezuela agree on their Amazonian border
US/the World 05/03/1859 French Emperor Napoleon III issues his official declaration of war on the Austrian Empire
Science/Technology 05/03/1859 Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge over the Tamar in the west of England is officially opened
Foreign 05/02/1859 Italy in 1859, by the numbers
Battles/Soldiers 05/02/1859 Long-range patrol in force from the Second Cavalry defeats Comanche war party in south Texas
Foreign 05/01/1859 Five Austrian army corps have crossed into Piedmont and occupy large areas north of the Po River