Type Date spansort icon Title
Battles/Soldiers 02/06/1860 Invading Spanish troops enter the key Moroccan town of Tetuan
Crime/Disasters 02/06/1860 Suicide bomber in Kentucky kills himself and badly injures five others
Foreign 02/06/1860 In Mexico, Miramón departs Mexico City to march on Juarez forces at Vera Cruz
Religion/Philosophy 02/05/1860 "Slave auction" at Rev. Henry Ward Beecher's Brooklyn church frees nine-year old slave girl
Battles/Soldiers 02/04/1860 Invading Spanish defeat Moroccan forces at their camp near Tetuan
Legal/Political 02/04/1860 Aaron Stevens found guilty in Virginia for his part in Harpers Ferry Raid
Business/Industry 02/04/1860 Last gap closed in a continuous rail line from Maine to New Orleans
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/03/1860 New federal Agricultural Bureau head sworn in
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/03/1860 John W. Forney returns as Clerk of the House, this time as a Republican
Crime/Disasters 02/03/1860 Seven killed in a boiler explosion in a Brooklyn, New York hat factory
Crime/Disasters 02/02/1860 New York City tenement fire kills twenty people
Campaigns/Elections 02/02/1860 Republican Salmon P. Chase elected as Senator from Ohio
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/02/1860 Mississippi Legislature kills bill to abolish legal prohibition of import of slaves from Africa
Religion/Philosophy 02/01/1860 Rabbi gives opening prayer in the House of Representatives for the first time
Lawmaking/Litigating 02/01/1860 William Pennington of New Jersey elected Speaker of the House on the forty-fourth ballot
Legal/Political 02/01/1860 Thaddeus Hyatt arrives in Washington but defies the Senate Harpers Ferry Committee
Legal/Political 02/01/1860 Hazlett and Stevens, the last of John Brown's captured co-conspirators, go on trial in Virginia
Crime/Disasters 01/31/1860 American ship burns at Liverpool hours before leaving for New York
Business/Industry 01/31/1860 Mississippi Central Railroad completed between Canton, Mississippi and Jackson, Tennessee
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/30/1860 Republicans replace John Sherman with William Pennington in the Speaker's election struggle