Type Date spansort icon Title
Crime/Disasters 09/01/185809/02/1858 Mob burns the New York State Quarantine buildings on Staten Island
Legal/Political 08/29/1858 The 318 slaves from a captured American slave ship are landed at Castle Pinckney, in Charleston Harbor
Personal 08/28/1858 William Fitzhugh Gordon, former Congressman from Virginia, dies in Albemarle County, Virginia
Campaigns/Elections 08/27/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their second debate in Freeport, Illinois
Legal/Political 08/27/1858 Captured American slaveship arrives in Charleston Harbor with 318 slaves aboard
US/the World 08/26/1858 The Treaty of Yedo is signed between Japan and Britain
Crime/Disasters 08/23/185808/24/1858 Passenger ship bound for Australia catches fire in the South Atlantic, six hundred miles from land
Campaigns/Elections 08/21/1858 Lincoln and Douglas hold their first debate in Ottawa, Illinois
Slavery/Abolition 08/21/1858 U.S. Navy captures American slaveship with 318 slaves aboard
Foreign 08/19/1858 Japan signs a commercial treaty with Russia
US/the World 08/19/1858 Nicaragua adopts a new constitution
Personal 08/17/1858 William Graham, former U.S. Congressman, dies at his farm near Vallonia, Indiana
Religion/Philosophy 08/15/1858 The cornerstone of New York City's new Catholic cathedral, Saint Patrick's, is laid
Crime/Disasters 08/13/1858 Fire at the Illinois State Prison
Crime/Disasters 08/11/1858 Fatal accident on the New York Central Railroad
Education/Culture 08/11/1858 The National Teachers' Association holds its first convention
Personal 08/05/1858 Alexis Soyer, the most famous chef in Europe, dies in London
Foreign 08/04/185808/05/1858 Queen Victoria visits France
Foreign 08/02/1858 Great Britain replaces the East India Company as the official ruler of India and ends the Indian Mutiny
Crime/Disasters 08/02/1858 Fire completely destroys the Antwerp Bourse