Type Date spansort icon Title
Religion/Philosophy 05/13/1863 The American Tract Society holds its 38th Annual Meeting in New York City
Settlers/Immigrants 05/13/186305/14/1863 In Montana, Crow Indians attack the fifteen men of John Stuart's Big Horn Expedition killing several
Campaigns/Elections 05/13/1863 The well-to-do women of Springfield, Illinois form a "Loyal Ladies League"
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/13/1863 The new Confederate National Flag flies for the first time over the Confederate Capitol in Richmond
Personal 05/14/1863 General H.G. Berry, Chancellorsville casualty, is buried in his home town of Rockland, Maine
Campaigns/Elections 05/14/1863 The American Temperance Union holds its annual meeting in New York City
Battles/Soldiers 05/14/1863 Grant's Union Army captures Jackson, the state capital of Mississippi
Battles/Soldiers 05/14/186305/15/1863 A powerful Union naval bombardment fails to silence the defenses of Port Hudson, Louisiana
Crime/Disasters 05/15/1863 U.S. Navy prize caught running the Charleston blockade sinks off North Carolina on its way to Boston
Campaigns/Elections 05/15/1863 Frederick Douglass speaks at the Academy of Music in Brooklyn
Crime/Disasters 05/15/1863 In Tennessee, Julius Mileke, Union Army deserter, is executed at a public crossroads outside Nashville
Personal 05/15/1863 In Kentucky, Union troops capture Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner's furniture
Education/Culture 05/15/1863 In Paris, Manet's revolutionary painting "Le Dejeuner sur l'herbe" is exhibited for the first time
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/15/1863 President Lincoln commutes the death sentence of an Indiana private soldier caught sleeping on guard
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/15/1863 Court martial convicts General Joseph Revere, grandson of the patriot, for his retreat at Chancellorsville
Lawmaking/Litigating 05/15/1863 In Ohio, General Burnside executes two Confederate officers arrested in Kentucky for spying
Battles/Soldiers 05/16/1863 In Mississippi, the Army of the Tennessee wins a pivotal battle at Champion Hill and moves on to Vicksburg
Campaigns/Elections 05/16/1863 In Albany, New York, soldiers attack a public meeting protesting the arrest of Clement Vallandigham
Crime/Disasters 05/16/1863 One man killed and two others injured in a fireworks factory explosion in Queens County, New York
Battles/Soldiers 05/16/1863 Union forces withdraw from the Mississippi state capital of Jackson after inflicting heavy damage