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The embalmed body of former Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico arrives home at the Austrian port of Trieste.


After almost three months, the body of former Mexican Emperor Maximilian I, held at the Hospital of St. Andres in Querétaro, had been released to Austrian officials to be returned for royal burial in the Hapsburg crypt of the Capuchin Chapel in Vienna where his brother Franz Joseph ruled as Emperor. The ill-fated Maximilian had been tried before a public military tribunal at the Itirbede Theater in Querétaro in mid-June, found guilty of bearing arms against the Republic of Mexico, and given the mandatory sentence of death.  The sentence was carried out by firing squad on June 19, 1867. On this day, his remains arrived aboard an Austrian Naval frigate at the port of Trieste. (By John Osborne)

Source Citation: 

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