Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Untitled,” March 15, 1860

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    “Untitled,” Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, March 15, 1860, p.2: 3.
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    New York Evening Post
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    Carlisle American Volunteer
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    Joanne Williams, Dickinson College
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    The Abolitionists here about pretend to be in favor of Protection to American Industry, and cry lustily against the Democrats for being free-traders. Let us see. The New York Evening Post, edited by Bryant, is the leading Black Republican organ of New York. That paper takes strong and determined free trade ground. The Post will not permit protection to be one of the Republican planks. It declares that Abolitionism is the only plank. We quote the following sentiment:

    “The question of slavery is altogether too great and momentous to be thus prostituted to the selfish [illegible] of speculating capitalists and venal politicians, and narrow minded bigots. If those who now manage the affairs of the Republican party contemplate any such maneuver, we warn them in time that they had better let it alone. They have not so great a surplus of votes that they can afford to drive off the friends of free trade from their ranks. And if they do commit this blunder, we tell them that the year 1860 is the last in which the present political party will figure in a Presidential election.
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    William Cullen Bryant was editor of the New York Evening Post
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