New York

Boundaries and Extent. — The state is bounded north by the British province of Canada; east by the States of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut; south-east by the Atlantic Ocean ; south by the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania ; west and south-west by Lakes Erie and Ontario, and by the River St. Lawrence. It extends from 40° 30' north latitude to 45°, and lies between 71° 56' and 79° 56' west longitude. Its extreme length from east to west, measuring from the Atlantic shore of Long Island, is 408 miles; exclusive of that island, 340.... (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)
    Place Unit Type
    State or Province
    Containing Unit
    Name Type
    Albany County, NY County
    Allegany County, NY County
    Broome County, NY County
    Cattaraugus County, NY County
    Cayuga County, NY County
    Chautauque County, NY County
    Chemung County, NY County
    Chenango County, NY County
    Clinton County, NY County
    Columbia County, NY County
    Cortland County, NY County
    Delaware County, NY County
    Dutchess County, NY County
    Erie Canal Rivers/Waterways
    Erie County, NY County
    Essex County, NY County
    Franklin County, NY County
    Fulton County, NY County
    Genesee County, NY County
    Greene County, NY County
    Hamilton County, NY County
    Herkimer County, NY County
    Jefferson County, NY County
    Kings County, NY County
    Lewis County, NY County
    Livingston County, NY County
    Long Island, NY Location or Site
    Madison County, NY County
    Monroe County, NY County
    Montgomery County, NY County
    Nassau County, NY County
    New York County, NY County
    New York, NY City or Town
    Niagara County, NY County
    Oneida County, NY County
    Onondaga County, NY County
    Ontario County, NY County
    Orange County, NY County
    Orleans County, NY County
    Oswego County, NY County
    Otsego County, NY County
    Putnam County, NY County
    Queens County, NY County
    Rensselaer County, NY County
    Richmond County, NY County
    Rockland County, NY County
    Saratoga County, NY County
    Schenectady County, NY County
    Schoharie County, NY County
    Schuyler County, NY County
    Seneca County, NY County
    St. Lawrence County, NY County
    Steuben County, NY County
    Suffolk County, NY County
    Sullivan County, NY County
    Tioga County, NY County
    Tompkins County, NY County
    Ulster County, NY County
    Warren County, NY County
    Washington County, NY County
    Wayne County, NY County
    Westchester County, NY County
    Wyoming County, NY County
    Yates County, NY County
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