Thomas Garrett to William Still, January 23, 1864

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    William Still, The Underground Rail Road (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872), 641.
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    Zak Rosenberg
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    WILMINGTON, 1st mo. 23d, 1864.

    RESPECTED FRIEND, WILLIAM STILL: - The bearer of this, Winlock Clark, has lately been most unrighteously sold for seven years, and is desirous of enlisting, and becoming one of Uncle Sam's boys; I have advised him to call on thee so that no land sharks shall get any bounty for enlisting him; he has a wife and several children, and whatever bounty the government or the State allows him, will be of use to his family. Please write me when he is snugly fixed in his regimentals, so that I may send word to his wife. By so doing, thee will much oblige thy friend, and the friend of humanity,


    N. B. Am I naughty, being a professed non-resistant, to advise this poor fellow to serve Father Abraham? T. G.

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