New York Herald, "Effect of our Account of The Fugitive Slaves in Canada," January 13, 1860

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    "Effect of our Account of The Fugitive Slaves in Canada," New York Herald, January 13, 1860, p. 4.
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    New York Herald
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    Effect of our Account of The Fugitive Slaves in Canada
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    Zak Rosenberg, Dickinson College
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    EFFECT OF OUR ACCOUNT OF THE FUGITIVE SLAVES IN CANADA-The interesting account of the condition of the fugitive slaves run off by the underground railroad into Canada, which apppeared in the HERALD a few days ago, is being copied extensively in various journals throughout the country, and will doubtless do much to open the eyes of the philanthropists who are made the victims of the shysters and swindlers of the underground railroad. We showed that the condition of the poor slaves seduced from their comfortable homes in the warm South, and dumped, if we may use the expression, in the cold regions of Canada, where the thermometer is often below zero, is most miserable and deplorable. We showed that they are left to starve and perish in a climate against the severity of which their nature and the very color of their skin revolt, and that, consequently, they are hreded togehter in settlements, suffering all kinds of privations, which render their situation a cause of much sympathy and commiseration. these facts wer obtained through the personal observation of one of our Special Reporters, whom we dispatched to Canada for that purpose, and their truth has been admitted by parties known to be friends of the underground railroad system. Their publication throughout the North, therefore, cannot fail to convine the innocent and humane abettors of slave stealing that the kind of freedom, which fugitives enjoy in the British Colonies means something quite different from a comfort or a blessing to the unfortunate recipients of that boon.
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