Place Unit Type
Containing Unit
Date Type
Abundant Canadian harvest celebrated with a day of thanksgiving across the country US/the World
At the siege of Lucknow, William Hall becomes the first black man to win the Victoria Cross Battles/Soldiers
Atlantic packet returning from France sinks off Nova Scotia and nine seamen drown Crime/Disasters
Canada's Grand Trunk Railway links Montreal with Detroit Business/Industry
Canadians meet in a convention at Toronto to discuss federation US/the World
- Continuing his North American tour, the Prince of Wales is in Charlottetown on Prince Edward's Island US/the World
Decimal currency is adopted in the Province of Canada Foreign
Fugitive slave John Price arrested in Oberlin, Ohio but freed by a anti-slavery mob in nearby Wellington Slavery/Abolition
Giant steamer Great Eastern used as troopship as Britain reinforces Canada US/the World
Mob frees fugitive Shadrach Minkins after his arrest in Boston Slavery/Abolition
President Buchanan invites the Prince of Wales to visit the United States US/the World
Queen Victoria proclaims that a Federal Canada will achieve Dominion status on July 1, 1867. Lawmaking/Litigating
Secretary of State Seward urges Great Lakes governors to fortify their lakeside ports against foreign threats Lawmaking/Litigating
Senate Committee investigating Harpers Ferry issues warrant for arrest of Frank Sanborn Lawmaking/Litigating
- Winter gale causes havoc to shipping on the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada Crime/Disasters
Name Type
British Columbia, Canada State or Province
Canada East State or Province
Canada West (Ontario) State or Province
Eaton, Canada City or Town
Halifax, Canada City or Town
Lower Canada State or Province
New Brunswick, Canada State or Province
Newfoundland, Canada State or Province
Novia Scotia State or Province
Prince Edward Island, Canada State or Province
Quebec, Canada City or Town
Uxbridge, Canada City or Town
Yorkville, Canada City or Town
Date Title
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