New York Times, "Meeting of Douglas and Lincoln," August 23, 1858

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    "Meeting of Douglas and Lincoln," New York Times, August 23, 1858, p. 4: 3-4.
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    New York Times
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    Meeting of Douglas and Lincoln
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    Zak Rosenberg, Dickinson College
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    MEETING OF DOUGLAS AND LINCOLN-On Saturday Messrs. DOUGLAS and LINCOLN were to meet face to face at Ottawa, on the Illinois River, some seventy or eighty miles from Chicago. Since their encounter in the last-named city, much has occurred to embitter their feelings toward each other. Indeed, the contest has assumed a character of unusual virulence, and is regarded, not only in Illinois, but throughout the Union, with unprecedented interest.

    On one side is Mr. DOUGLAS, able, adroit, and thoroughly practised in all the arts of a popular canvass. Men more learned, gifted and accomplished have been in the public councils, and may still be, but none more formidable on the stump. He has two earnest and talented opponents, Messrs. LINCOLN and TRUMBULL, who are unsparing in their endeavors to overwhelm him. Two great interests in the controversy are thus fitly represented, but what of the third? Where is the champion of the Administration? Has the Buchanan policy no friend in Illinois? We submit that it is time some one were designated to bear the Lecompton standard over the Prarie State. Will the Washington Union see to it? The drama is manifestly imperfect while a character so important is left out, and there is danger that the audience will soon begin to notice the omission. In such cases the people are apt to hiss.

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