New York Herald, “No Quarter to Douglas,” August 30, 1858

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    “No Quarter to Douglas,” New York Herald, August 30, 1858, p. 4. 
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    New York Herald
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    No Quarter to Douglas
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    NO QUARTER TO DOUGLAS. – It is given out in the newspapers that Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia, who went out to Illinois lately as peacemaker between the Douglas and anti-Douglas democracy of that State, has given it up as a bad job, and returned home in despair. In support of this view of the case, the Chicago Herald (anti-Douglas organ) says: - “We are bound, under any circumstances, to make this fight to the end. Stephen A. Douglas cannot be re-elected to the Senate. [Saltpetre?] cannot save him. The people of Washington may rely confidently on this. Mr. Douglas will not be allowed to triumph over Mr. Buchanan.”

    We have no doubt of the truth of these remarks. The united opposition of Illinois in 1856 against the united democracy, on the Governor, polled a heavy majority. What chance then has Mr. Douglas against the united opposition now, with the addition of a determined wing of his own party against him. Of course the opposition will carry the State, and after the thing is done, the democracy of Illinois, like the party in New York after the Van Buren split of 1848, will be left to patch up a reconciliation if they can. And thus ends the final chapter of Mr. Douglas and his Kansas-Nebraska bill. Within a month or two he will have had enough of “popular sovereignty” to last him the rest of his life.

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