New York Times, "Kansas Affairs," June 3, 1858

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    "Kansas Affairs," New York Times, June 3, 1858, p. 4: 4.
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    Kansas Affairs
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    Kansas Affairs.

    We have a large budget of correspondence from Kansas, for only part of which, in the crowded state of our columns, can we make room this morning. The outrages, in a portion of the Territory, seem to be extending, and growing more and more bloody in their character. They are undoubtedly connected more or less with the Free State and Pro-Slavery controversy which has distracted the Territory, through it would probably be unjust to hold either party responsible for the excesses of all its followers. MONTGOMERY, who seems to have been the leader on one side, has been ordered to disband his men and surrender his Commission in the Territorial Militia. Governor Denver has sent to the scene of the disturbances for information, and promises to take effectual measures to put a stop to them. He seems to enjoy the confidence of all parties.

    The instructions of General CASS to the Governor, in regard to the election, are published, and will be read with interest. We think they are eminently fair and just, and that they indicate a sincere desire, on the part of the Administration, to secure at the election a fair expression of the will of the people on the question of admission to the Union. The Commissioners have fixed upon the 2d of August as the day of election. This is the day of the State election in Missouri - and its selection will tend to prevent the introduction of voters from that State. The Commission seem to be acting very fairly and properly, also, in their selection of Judges.

    We trust we may regard the political troubles of Kansas as nearly at an end.

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