Rome, Italy

Place Unit Type
City or Town
Containing Unit
Date Type
- A massive geomagnetic storm disrupts navigation and telegraphy around the globe Science/Technology
Accused Lincoln conspirator is returned to the United States under arrest for murder. Crime/Disasters
Accused Lincoln conspirator John H. Surratt goes on trial in Washington DC for murder. Crime/Disasters
Count Cavour of Piedmont warns the Papal States over their response to nationalist uprisings US/the World
French troops protecting the Papal State order all demonstrations against the Vatican halted Foreign
Guiseppe Verdi's opera "Ballo in Maschera (Masked Ball)" is performed for the first time in Rome Cultural
In central Italy, Piedmont-Sardinia invades the Papal States US/the World
In Rome, Pope Pius IX issues a sweeping condemnation of liberalism, socialism, and the secular state Religion/Philosophy
Napoleon III urges Pope Pius IX to give up the revolting Papal States Foreign
On behalf of his flock, Archbishop Kenrick of Baltimore sends Pope Pius IX sympathy for his troubles in Italy Religion/Philosophy
Pope Pius IX decrees excommunication for "sinful insurrection" in the Papal States during 1859 Religion/Philosophy
Pope Pius IX issues an encyclical calling for prayers for peace among Catholic nations Religion/Philosophy
Pope Pius IX removes the second ranking British Catholic Archbishop from office Religion/Philosophy
Sir Moses Montefiore travels to Rome to attempt the return of Edgardo Montara to his Jewish parents Religion/Philosophy
The American College is established in Rome under the auspices of Pope Pius IX Religion/Philosophy
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