New York Times, “Message of Gov. Hamlin, of Maine,” January 9, 1857

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    “Message of Gov. Hamlin, of Maine,” New York Times, January 9, 1857, p. 1: 3.
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    New York Daily Times
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    Message of Gov. Hamlin, of Maine
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    Meghan Allen, Dickinson College
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    Message of Gov. Hamlin, of Maine.

    AUGUSTA, Thursday, Jan. 9.

    GOV. HAMLIN took the oath of office to-day at 12 o’clock, and delivered his Message. He refers to the Presidential election, and states at length the issues involved therein. He declares that the true question was substantially whether the advancement of Freedom should continue to be a fundamental principle and a preeminent object of our National Government; whether the line marked out by the Constitution should be followed, or whether its powers should be perverted to the extension of Slavery. He then rehearses the policy of our fathers, looking to the prohibition of Slavery in the Territories, and briefly states the object of the Compromise of 1820. He disavows for the Republicans any design of interfering with Slavery in the States, but says they will oppose in every local way its extension over the Territories. He speaks of the sufferings of our fellow-citizens in Kansas, and urges upon the Legislature the expediency of contributing to their aid should the present state of things continue. He considers an implied pledge to have been given in the late election that the present liquor laws should not be disturbed this session. He recommends the ultimate submission of the matter to the people. The governor takes occasion to answer in the strongest terms the action of the last Legislature, by which a judge of the Supreme Court was removed for expressing an opinion.

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