Place Unit Type
Containing Unit
Date Type
A large meteor observed over the main island of Hawaii Science/Technology
- A massive geomagnetic storm disrupts navigation and telegraphy around the globe Science/Technology
American merchant captain discovers the Midway Islands Science/Technology
An American clipper-ship burns in the Pacific leaving her crew in boats thousands of miles from land. Crime/Disasters
Australian ship sinks in a storm in the Pacific, survivors reached land three weeks later barely alive Crime/Disasters
First Japanese Ambassador leaves Japan for the United States US/the World
First Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States arrives in California US/the World
First Japanese Diplomatic Mission to the United States arrives in Hawaii US/the World
First Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States departs Hawaii for San Francisco US/the World
Gas lighting introduced in Hawaii Science/Technology
Giant lava flow on the island of Hawaii reaches the ocean forty miles from the point of eruption Crime/Disasters
Large volcanic eruption begins on the island of Hawaii Crime/Disasters
Survivors from a burned clipper-ship reach Hawaii after forty-three days on the Pacific in an open boat. Crime/Disasters
The Episcopal Church moves to establish itself in the Hawaiian Islands Religion/Philosophy
The King of the Hawaiian Islands announces his kingdom's neutrality in the American War US/the World
Name Type
East Wailuku, HI City or Town
Honolulu, HI City or Town
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