Chillicothe (OH) Scioto Gazette, “Can Locofocos Explain It?,” June 5, 1860

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    “Can Locofocos Explain It?,” Chillicothe (OH) Scioto Gazette, June 5, 1860, p. 2: 4.
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    Chillicothe Scioto Gazette
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    Can Locofocos Explain It?
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Can Locofocos Explain It?

    The Cincinnati Enquirer, Chillicothe Advertiser, Columbus Statesman and a great many other democratic papers have asserted often and emphatically, that the whole “Black Republican Party” sympathized with John Brown in his effort to take slaves by force from Virginia, and that their common object and aim is to disposes slave owners of their property by fair means or foul, sooner or later.

    Now, there were something over a million and a half of votes cast by that party in 1856 for JOHN C. FREMONT, (and will probably be something less than a billion cast next fall for LINCOLN.) How did it happen, that after old Ossowattomie had drummed for recruits through the entire North for two years, he could only get from that vast number, 17 white men and 5 negroes to go with him into Virginia? If what those veracious papers assert, had been true, his “army” would have numbered thousands where he had units!

    The sober truth is, that the number of Brown’s followers compared with the Republican hosts, gives about a correct proportion of the blind fanatics in the north, to the sober, calm determined resistants to the democratic doctrine of the nationalization of slavery – about 1 in 100,000!

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