New York Times, “Triumphal Reception of the Rescuers at Oberlin,” July 11, 1859

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    “Triumphal Reception of the Rescuers at Oberlin,” New York Times, July 11, 1859, p. 4: 1-2.
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    New York Times
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    Triumphal Reception of the Rescuers at Oberlin
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    TRIUMPHAL RECEPTION OF THE RESCUERS AT OBERLIN. – The untried “rescuers” who had lain in jail eighty-four days at Cleveland, having been liberated pursuant to an arrangement between their counsel, the counsel for the Kentucky men arrested on a charge of kidnapping, and the Court, have returned to their homes at Oberlin. They were greeted with enthusiasm by their townsmen, who gathered in a church and organized a public meeting in their honor. Speeches were made by several of the liberated men, the principal one being by Professor HENRY E. PECK. A unanimous determination was expressed to resist the execution of the Fugitive Slave law at all times, and the meeting adjourned at midnight, after directing the town Council to enter a minute on their records commendatory of the conduct of the “rescuers.”

    The term of imprisonment of the last of the sentenced “rescuers” is about to expire; so that in a few days not one of the original thirty-seven will be in confinement. Whether the Kentucky “kidnappers” will meet with an equally flattering reception on their return to their “several places of abode,” remains to be seen.

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