Cleveland, OH

The harbor at the mouth of the Cuyahoga, since its improvement, by piers on each side extending into the water, is one of the best on Lake Erie, and its position at the northern terminus of the Ohio Canal, and the fertile country and enterprising population by which it is surrounded, have given it a very rapid growth, which as yet is but just commencing. It is already the second commercial town in Ohio, and bids fair even to rival Cincinnati. Besides its intercourse with the interior of the state by the Ohio Canal, and its extensive lake commerce, it communicates by the Ohio and Pennsylvania Canal with Pittsburg. and by the New York and Welland Canals with the Atlantic coast.... (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)

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- A Southern Soldier's Convention of Confederate veterans is meeting in Memphis. Campaigns/Elections
Abraham Lincoln speaks in Pittsburgh and then continues his pre-inaugural tour to Cleveland, Ohio Campaigns/Elections
Abraham Lincoln travels from Cleveland to Buffalo, New York meeting Grace Bedell on the way Campaigns/Elections
Almost fifty people are killed in an horrific train wreck near Angola, New York. Crime/Disasters
- Fourth National Women's Rights Convention held in Cleveland Legal/Political
Freak wind storm hits Cleveland, Ohio Crime/Disasters
- Heavy rains cause flooding and damage in Pennsylvania and Ohio Crime/Disasters
In a Cleveland, Ohio speech, Benjamin Butler threatens President Johnson with impeachment. Campaigns/Elections
- In Cleveland, Ohio, the Democratic-aligned Soldiers and Sailors Union, holds its first annual convention. Campaigns/Elections
In Cleveland, Ohio, thousands hear speeches at a mass meeting of the National Union League Campaigns/Elections
In Columbus, Ohio, thousands view President Lincoln's remains during a day at the State Capitol Personal
In Ohio, the city of Cleveland honors Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry with a marble statue Education/Culture
Lake Erie cargo ship explodes its boiler off Cleveland, Ohio, killing four Crime/Disasters
Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is found guilty under the Fugitive Slave Law in Cleveland Legal/Political
Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston is sentenced to twenty days in jail Legal/Political
Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell is found guilty in a Cleveland federal court Legal/Political
Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell is sentenced to sixty days in jail for violation of the Fugitive Slave Law Slavery/Abolition
President Lincoln's remains spend the day in Buffalo, New York before heading for Cleveland, Ohio Personal
President Lincoln's remains spend the day in Cleveland, Ohio, on their journey west Personal
- The federal trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Simeon Bushnell continues in Cleveland, Ohio Legal/Political
The first trial of the Oberlin-Wellington slave rescuers opens in federal court in Cleveland, Ohio Legal/Political
- The National Typographical Union holds its annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio Business/Industry
- The trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston continues in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio Lawmaking/Litigating
The trial of Oberlin-Wellington rescuer Charles Langston opens in the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio Lawmaking/Litigating
William H. Seward continues his stumping tour for Republicans in Cleveland, Ohio Campaigns/Elections
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Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH Location or Site
Date Title
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Nathan Bedford Forrest, et al, to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, September 17, 1866, Memphis, Tennessee.
Gordon Granger, et al, to Nathan Bedford Forrest, et al., September 18, 1866, Cleveland, Ohio.
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