Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “Politics in Kane County,” July 8, 1858

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    “Politics in Kane County,” Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, July 8, 1858, p. 2: 3.
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    Chicago Press and Tribune
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    Politics in Kane County
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    Politics in Kane County.

    ELGIN, July 5th,1858.

    Editors Press and Tribune:

    There is nothing of great interest going on about Elgin at present. Political matters, however, have their full share of attention. Elgin has always been a strong Anti-Democratic town, but this fall it will give a larger Republican majority than ever. The people abhor the policy of President Buchanan, and are almost as dissatisfied with the course pursued by Judge Douglas and his friends. There is considerable talk about the successor, if successor we must have, of Hon. J. F. Farnsworth. If we go on the rotation principle, as we have for several years, I think the nomination of Hon. I. N. Arnold would be very generally acceptable to the Republicans of Kane county. I have heard several prominent Republicans speak of him as the probable successor of Mr. Farnsworth, and I think he would be elected by a large majority. The Republicans of this place are, to a man, in favor of the election of Hon. Abraham Lincoln to the U. S. Senate. Illinois is sure to give a large Republican majority this fall, and when the chain that has so long bound her is once broken, it will be a long time before she will again suffer herself to be bound by it.

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