William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, December 15, 1863

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    William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, December 15, 1863, William E. Stoker Papers, National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, PA.
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    Stoker, Elizabeth E.
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    Ben Lyman, Dickinson College
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    Camp Near Simsport L.a. Dec. the 15th /63

    Dear Wife

    It is with pleasure that I seat my self this morning to reply to yours wich was duly received yestedey morning. It was parused with great pleasure and satisfaction. I was verry proud to hear that you and familey was well. I had got uneasey about you all. I thaught that some of you must be sick. The last letter that I got from you was by the hand of S. P. Moughon until I received the one bareing date 19th of Nov. You stated that you had red a letter from Billy stating that we had ben in a fight and that me nor sid either did not get hurt. Sid was not in the figh. I was in it but threw the kind hand of providence came out unhurt onley run to deth nearley. I never got over it in about too weekes. I wrote to you in a few days after the fight and giv you a sketch of the fight. I reckon you hav got my letter before this time. I wrote as quick after the fight as I had the chance of sending my letter to let you know that I want hurt. For I knew that you would be uneasey when you heard that we had a fight. I hav wrote to you regular every since. I write every ten days when the male comes regular and I seek every opportunity that I can to send my letters by hand. They go quicker. It has ben about too weeks since I wrote the reason of it is I made an application for a furlow and Ive ben waitting to see if my application come back approved or not. But it hasent come back yet but it has had time though it may come yet. If it comes back approved I will beat this letter home. Ile tell you how it will hav to go before it will come back. I first wrote it out and my Capt assigned it and then I carried it to the Col. and I think he assigned it and forwarded it to Brigadeer General Haus [Hawes] and if he assigned it he sent it to General Walker and if he assigned he sent it to General Talor [Taylor]. If he approved it I will get a furlow and if not the thing is out but I hope it will come back all right and if it does not I will think he is a verry hard hatted fellow. I state my reasons for wantting a furlow and stated that I had ben in the service over 18 months and had not never ben furlowed and ask him for his symphathes. I had it fixed up right. If he refus to grant me a furlow I dont think they ought to blame me to desert but I want that to be my last chance. There was several fellowes shot not long since down hear for desertion. We are now about 90 miles below Elexander [Alexandria] near Chafalyer (Atchafalaya) bayou. We hav ben over the other side of the bayou for some time in the Missippi [Mississippi] river but we hav come back on this side and I think we will fortify hear. I saw Sid and Thomas a few days ago. They both were well. Mr Cavin and Mr Coplan is down hear. I received a letter from by them. They hav gone down to General Majors command. If they come back by our armey Ile answer Nets letter and send it by them. You wantted to know whether I got your letter you sent by Claton or not. Yess I got and on opening it I found some of yours and Priscillas hare. I looked at it and wished that I could see the ones that it growed on the heds of. I take it out occasionally and look at it. I would wear yours but I am afraid that I would wear it out. I want to keep it. Thees few lines leavs me well hoping that they will find you and familey well. Nothing more but I remain your affectionate husband untill deth. William E. Stoker

    To Mrs. Elizabeth E. Stoker

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