Mississippi River

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Containing Unit
Date Type
A steamboat burns to the waterline on the Mississippi but all aboard have a lucky escape. Crime/Disasters
Captain Charles H. Davis replaces Commodore A.H. Foote as commander of the Union's Mississippi Flotilla Battles/Soldiers
Commercial ice-boat begins operation in Wisconsin on the Upper Mississippi Business/Industry
Confederate naval units stage a dawn attack on the U.S. Navy squadron blockading New Orleans Battles/Soldiers
First railroad bridge across the Mississippi River completed Business/Industry
First railroad that will run west of the Mississippi is incorporated Business/Industry
In Louisiana, General N.P. Banks accepts the surrender of Port Hudson after a seven week siege Battles/Soldiers
In St. Louis, a second day of shifting ice on the Mississippi River crushes seven more river boats. Crime/Disasters
Louisiana militia seize Forts Saint Philip and Jackson at the mouth of the Mississippi River Battles/Soldiers
Louisville to New Orleans steamboat burns near Uniontown, Kentucky and eight die Crime/Disasters
Mississippi militia at Vicksburg fire warning shots across bows of Cincinnati to New Orleans riverboat Battles/Soldiers
Mississippi steamboat catches fire in the middle of the night and forty-three people are drowned. Crime/Disasters
Natchez, Mississippi surrenders to U.S. Navy gunboats Battles/Soldiers
Near Island 16 in the Mississippi, a riverboat is destroyed by fire and twenty-five lives lost Crime/Disasters
On the Kentucky Bend of the Mississippi, Island Number Ten falls to Union army and navy forces Battles/Soldiers
On the Mississippi, a steamboat explosion kills up to ten people, including Ohio infantrymen heading home Crime/Disasters
On the Mississippi, captain and crew of Confederate steamboat defect to the Union Battles/Soldiers
Scores die when a Mississippi steamboat explodes and burns near Cairo, Illinois Crime/Disasters
Sharp half-hour naval engagement on the Mississippi River below Fort Pillow in Tennessee Battles/Soldiers
Shifting ice on the frozen Mississippi River again crushes river boats on the St. Louis, Missouri levee Crime/Disasters
Shifting ice on the frozen Mississippi River crushes seven river boats on the St. Louis, Missouri levee Crime/Disasters
Steamboat burns on the Mississippi below St. Louis and sixteen people are killed Crime/Disasters
Steamboat disaster on the Mississippi River with scores dead Crime/Disasters
Steamboat founders on the Mississippi Crime/Disasters
Steamboat with a cargo of sugar and coffee snags and sinks on the Mississippi Crime/Disasters
Steamer from St. Louis to New Orleans attacked below Vicksburg, Mississippi Battles/Soldiers
- The U.S.S. Carondelet makes her daring night run past the Confederate blockade on the Mississippi Battles/Soldiers
Two steamboats collide on the Mississippi River above Memphis, one sinks in minutes Crime/Disasters
U.S. Navy gunboats demand the surrender of Natchez, Mississippi Battles/Soldiers
- Union soldiers and sailors carry out a daring night raid on Confederate defenses near Island Number Ten Battles/Soldiers
- Weeks of heavy rainfall bring serious flooding to the upper Mississippi Crime/Disasters
Date Title
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