(Jackson) Mississippian, “The Oberlin Slave Rescuers,” May 27, 1859

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    “The Oberlin Slave Rescuers,” (Jackson) Mississippian, May 27, 1859, p. 2: 7.
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    (Jackson) Mississippian
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    Jackson Semi Weekly Mississippian
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    THE OBERLIN SLAVE RESCUERS. The case of these criminals have drawn forth a letter from the Hon. Joshua R. Giddings, of Ohio, in which he indulges in most inflammatory language, as will be seen by the following extract:

    “In disregarding this law (fugitive slave) the prisoners did right. Their error consisted in sparing the lives of the slave catchers. Those pirates should have been delivered over to the colored men and consigned to the doom of pirates, which should have been speedily executed. You are aware that this is the doctrine which I proclaimed in Congress. I adhere to it. Had the prisoners executed the slave catchers promptly, it would have taught the administration a lesson not soon to be forgotten. We should have been no more troubled with that class of miscreants.

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