New York Herald, “Trouble Among the Canadian Negroes,” January 20, 1860

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    “Trouble Among the Canadian Negroes,” New York Herald, January 20, 1860, p. 4: 4.
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    New York Herald
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    Trouble Among the Canadian Negroes
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    TROUBLE AMONG THE CANADIAN NEGROES. – We give in another column a few additional particulars of the recent disturbances which have taken place in the towns of Chatham and Windsor, Canada West. As our readers have already learned through our special reports upon the condition of the fugitive slaves in Canada, the towns above mentioned are inhabited chiefly by negroes. According to municipal regulation, separate schools are provided for the colored children. The negroes now demand that this regulation be rescinded, and that they shall have equal control over the school with the whites, and that all the children, without distinction of color, shall attend the same schools. In order to enforce their demands, the negroes of Chatham seized upon the school property, and the authorities were obliged to coax them into relinquishing possession of it. The extracts we print give a vivid picture of the overbearing insolence of the negroes, and fully confirm all the statements of our Special Reporters apropos to the same subject. The Canadians will find, before many years, that the safety of their governmental and social institutions will depend upon the exclusion of fugitive slaves from their territory. The sooner they do this, the better it will be for all parties, white and black, bond and free.

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