New York Herald, "General Scott Wanted At Washington," November 28, 1860

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    "General Scott Wanted At Washington," New York Herald, November 28, 1860, p. 4: 5.
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    New York Herald
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    General Scott Wanted At Washington
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    GENERAL SCOTT WANTED AT WASHINGTON. – It will be seen by a despatch from Washington in another column that the President and Cabinet are very anxious for the presence of Gen. Scott at the federal capital during the coming session of Congress, but that, owing to sudden indisposition, the General is compelled to decline the visit, and it has been so signified to Gov. Floyd. It is unfortunate that the veteran commander-in-chief should not be able to go on just now; but it appears that he has been ailing ever since his return from the island of San Juan his long confinement on shipboard having affected his health materially.

    The counsels of Gen. Scott might be of great moment at this critical juncture of affairs, for he is wise and cool, and has been hitherto very successful in conducting measures of pacification upon various questions. The probability is that he would give some very important advice to the Cabinet at this moment, when his experience is of the greatest value, and we trust that his health may so far improve as to enable him to fulfill the wishes for the administration in this respect.

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