Savannah (GA) News, “The Governor of Michigan Advocating Coercion,” January 9, 1861

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“The Governor of Michigan Advocating Coercion,” Savannah (GA) News, January 9, 1861, p. 1: 2.
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Savannah News
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The Governor of Michigan Advocating Coercion
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Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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THE GOVERNOR OF MICHIGAN ADVOCATING COERCION. - Detroit, January 4. – Governor Blair, in his address, says in reference to South Carolina, that he presumes, if it could, be done properly, the country generally would be willing to let the restless little nation of South Carolina retire forever. But it cannot be done without the destruction of the Confederacy, and self-preservation will compel us to resist it.

He denies that the Personal Liberty Bills have prevented the execution of the Fugitive Slave Law in a single instance. The law had always been enforced by the courts on appeal being taken. He invites judicial scrutiny into State legislation – and is willing to abide the result. But he is unwilling that his State should be humiliated by a compliance in threats and of violence and war.

He recommends the State Legislature to manifest its loyalty to Michigan, and proffer the President the use of the whole military power of the State to sustain the integrity of the Union.

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