(Concord) New Hampshire Statesman, “Democratic Brutality,” July 27, 1861

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    “Democratic Brutality,” (Concord) New Hampshire Statesman, July 27, 1861, p. 2: 1.
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    Concord New Hampshire Statesman
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    Democratic Brutality
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    DEMOCRATIC BRUTALITY. There have been utterances this week by several Democrats of Concord which are of sufficiently flagrant character to cause those who made them to be the objects of public hatred henceforth so long as they live. The wish has been expressed by several Democrats that the number of our dead in the recent conflict in Virginia had been twice what it was, and that all who renew the conflict may likewise perish.

    In some places, such atrocious expressions would subject the offenders to that chastisement, upon the spot, which their revolting barbarity richly deserves. Whether these men – whose rank toryism had already been made apparent by similar wishes regarding men fighting the battles of the Union and the Constitution – are to be much longer tolerated, remains to be seen. Free speech is a very good thing when exercised in a proper way ; but no government can be required to guarantee safety to the persons and property of subjects, who outrage their fellow-citizens by such expressions as found vent here last Tuesday.

    Well, - this War for the Union is fast putting men’s patriotism to the test. Already, a host of Democrats have made manifest their sympathy for men who through many years have been plotting the overthrow of the United States and the establishment of a Southern Confederacy. But we did not suppose the city of Concord contained men, claiming respectability, who had the heart to utter such fiendish wishes as those here spoken of. To have no desire for the triumph of our arms, is to be expected of many Democrats ; but to wish the death of their countrymen when in warfare for the preservation of the American Union, is absolutely devilish.

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