Resolutions, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Convention, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1866

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    Edward McPherson (ed.), A Handbook of Politics for 1868 (Washington, DC: Philp and Solomons, 1868), 123. 
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    Pennsylvania State Democratic Party
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    John Osborne, Dickinson College
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    The following text is presented here in complete form, as it originally appeared in print. Spelling and typographical errors have been preserved as in the original.
    The Democracy of Pennsylvania, in Convention met, recognizing a crisis in the affairs of the Republic, and esteeming the immediate restoration of the Union paramount to all other issues, do resolve:
    1. That the States, whereof the people were lately in rebellion, are integral parts of the Union and are entitled to representation in Congress by men duly elected who hear true faith to the Constitution and laws, and in order to vindicate the maxim that taxation without representation is tyralnny, such representatives should be forthwith admitted .
    2. That the faith of the Republic is pledged to the payment of the national debt, and Congress should pass all laws necessary for that purpose.
    3. That we owe obedience to the Constitution of the United States, (including the amendment prohibiting slavery), and under its provisions will accord to those emancipated all their rights of person and property.
    4. That each. State has the exclusive right to regulate the qualifications of its own electors.
    5. That the white race alone is entitled to the control of the Government of the Republic, and we are unwilling to grant the negroes the right to vote.
    6. That the bold enunciation of the principles of the Constitution and the policy of restoration contained in the recent annual message and Freedmen’s Bureau veto message of President Johnson entitle him to the confidence and support of all who respect the Constitution and love their country.
    7. That the nation owes to the brave men of our armies and navy a debt of lasting gratitude for their heroic services in defence of the Constitution and the Union; and that while we cherish with a tender affection the memories of the fallen, we pledge to their widows and orphans the nation’s care and protection.
    8. That we urge upon Congress the duty of equalizing the bounties of our soldiers and sailors.
    The following was also adopted : 
    Resolved, That the thanks of the Democracy of Pennsylvania be tendered to the Hon. Charles R. Buckalew and Hon. Edgar Cowan, for their patriotic support of the President's restoration policy: and such thanks are due to the democratic members of Congress for their advocacy of the restoration policy of President Johnson.
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