Harrisburg, PA

HARRISBURGH, the seat of justice of Dauphin co., and capital of Pa., is situated on the east bank of Susquehanna river, 97 miles northwest of Philadelphia, and 110 miles from Washington. It is a borough, built on rising ground, which subsides toward Paxton creek into a plain. From the elevation upon which the Statehouse stands, appears a wide and varied prospect of hills, fertile vales, and winding streams...Manufactures, to a considerable extent, are produced in Harrisburgh, and the town is gradually increasing in population and wealth. (Fanning's, 1853)
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    Abraham Lincoln secretly heads directly to Washington arriving in the early morning hours Campaigns/Elections
    Abraham Lincoln visits Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and from there secretly travels directly to Washington Campaigns/Elections
    Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Harrisburg and rolls across the Pennsylvania countryside to Philadelphia Personal
    Alleged fugitive slave arrested in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and sent that evening to Philadelphia Slavery/Abolition
    - Andrew Gregg Curtin serves as Governor of Pennslyvania Legal/Political
    At ten o'clock in the morning President Lincoln's remains reach Baltimore to lie in state there for several hours Personal
    Confederate cavalry occupy Mechanicsburg, just nine miles from the Pennsylvania state capitol Battles/Soldiers
    Eli Slifer elected to his second term as Pennsylvania State Treasurer Campaigns/Elections
    Failed rescue in Philadelphia of a Virginia fugitive being returned to slavery Slavery/Abolition
    First company of volunteers from Carlisle, Pennsylvania leaves for training, equipment, and service Carlisle/Dickinson
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania elects Democrat William H. Kepner as its first mayor Campaigns/Elections
    In Harrisburg, Andrew Gregg Curtin sworn in as the Pennsylvania's first Republican governor Campaigns/Elections
    In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Republicans nominate former Union General John White Geary for governor Campaigns/Elections
    In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, white soldiers smash up African-American dwellings and establishments Crime/Disasters
    In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania legislature enacts pensions for war widows with children Lawmaking/Litigating
    In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania legislature postpones the Philadelphia municipal election Campaigns/Elections
    In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, disaster strikes for hundreds when a viewing platform collapses. Crime/Disasters
    In Pennsylvania, the Prince of Wales tours the state capitol in Harrisburg US/the World
    In Pennsylvania, thousands of logs travel down the Susquehanna on a flood when a log boom breaks Business/Industry
    In Philadelphia, the U.S. Commissioner frees Harrisburg alleged fugitive slave Daniel Dangerfield Slavery/Abolition
    In Tennessee, the Seventh Pennsylvania's bold cavalry charge wins their leader a Medal of Honor Battles/Soldiers
    James Buchanan enters the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Legal/Political
    Major General N.J.T. Dana named as the commander of the defenses of Philadelphia Battles/Soldiers
    Pennsylvania Democrats convene in Harrisburg, praise the president, nominate Hiester Clymer for governor Campaigns/Elections
    Pennsylvania has a public debt of more than thirty-eight million dollars Lawmaking/Litigating
    - Pennsylvania Opposition Party Convention nominates Cameron for President and Curtin for Governor Campaigns/Elections
    Pennsylvania Republicans meet in Harrisburg and Philadelphia to ratify the recent nominations in Chicago Campaigns/Elections
    Pennsylvania votes $500,000 for the expansion of its militia Lawmaking/Litigating
    Philadelphia Constitutional Unionists support the postponement of the city elections Campaigns/Elections
    Philadelphia Democrats protest the postponement of the city elections Campaigns/Elections
    Reading, Pennsylvania militia artillery unit called to service arrives in Harrisburg Battles/Soldiers
    Robert Brown, a fugitive slave from Virginia, arrives in Philadelphia after crossing Potomac on horseback Slavery/Abolition
    Senator Douglas's campaign swing reaches Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Campaigns/Elections
    - The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church meets in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in a special session. Religion/Philosophy
    - The fugitive slave case of Daniel Dangerfield from Harrisburg causes popular excitement in Philadelphia Legal/Political
    The Governor of Pennsylvania misses his connection with the President at Hanover Junction Education/Culture
    The Pennsylvania Democratic State Convention opens in Harrisburg Campaigns/Elections
    The Prince of Wales is in Washington, DC, hosted at the White House US/the World
    - The Prince of Wales visits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania US/the World
    The Wills family hosts President Lincoln for the night in Gettysburg Education/Culture
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    Harrisburg Cemetery, Harrisburg, PA Location or Site
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