John Hays to Charles Francis Himes, October 19, 1860

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    Hays, John, to Charles Francis Himes, Carlisle, PA, 19 October 1858. MC 2000.1, Charles Francis Himes Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.
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    Charles Francis Himes
    Matthew Dudek
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    Carlisle 19th Oct. 1860

    Dear Charley,

    The exact date of the meeting of our biennial convention I have as yet been unable to ascertain, but I think it will meet about the 27th of December. I expect to be one of the delegates from Epsilon, and have spoken to some of the fellows to have you appointed. There are several chapters in the South that will find it very inconvenient to send delegates so far North, and you will probably be appointed from one of them. Our fellows are all well and flourishing freely. The old hall

    adjoining the “Salt Box” has been procured, and we meet there every fifteenth evening. Several new members have been lately initiated-five fellows who will do honor to the chapter, and who came highly recommended by old P.Ks. I lately received a letter from Getzendauer, who is practising law in [illegible] Ellis County, Texas. He writes that he is succeeding finely, and is much pleased with his profession and his location. Dave Slone of the class of ’58 was married on the 11th to Miss Patterson a Sister of a classmate. Ike Parker attended the wedding as groomsman. The new faculty have gotten

    under full way, but without a very large accession of new students. Hillman is Professor of Math, Boswell occupies the chair vacated (in French style) by Schem, while Mullin, of the class of ‘58 is Principal of the Grammar School. The other Profs. retain their old positions. The Faculty has not been strengthened much by the change. I suppose your time is fully occupied by your professional duties. How “grave and reverend” you must look with those gold spectacles, and that long and flowing beard. How sits the togam verilis? has custom smoothed its folds or does it still seem a “stranger in a strange land”? The Law flourishes

    but the profits languish and seem likely to sicken into [illegible] death. My debut in politics has been made, and I have been stumping the County for “Lincoln, Hamlin, Curtin and the County Ticket.” What an exciting time it is and what a dirty vocation politics is! Yet we must Hurra for Lincoln until the Old Keystone State rolls up 50000 majority for him on the 6th of November. Heighho! I will write you again when I learn the time the convention will meet. Till then I am yours in the Bonds
    John Hays


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