New York Times, “Arrest and Rescue of Fugitive Slaves,” October 22, 1852

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“Arrest and Rescue of Fugitive Slaves,” New York Times, October 22, 1852, p. 5: 2.
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New York Daily Times
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Arrest and Rescue of Fugitive Slaves
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Michael M. Geduldig, Dickinson College
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Arrest and Rescue of Fugitive Slaves.

PITTSBURG, Thursday, Oct. 21.

We learn from Sandusky, O., that great excitement was occasioned in that city yesterday, by the arrest and subsequent rescue of some fugitive slaves. It appears that during the morning a number of fugitives from Kentucky arrived in that city, en route for Canada. Immediately on their arrival they were escorted by their friends to the steamer Arrow; but just as the boat was about to leave, the fugitives were arrested by some slave-catchers, who attempted to take them ashore, in which they were defeated by the combined efforts of a number of persons of both colors, after a sharp struggle. The slave-catchers then left the boat and the fugitives are now on their way to Canada. The Kentuckians are much chagrined, but console themselves with the reflection that the citizens are responsible.

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