Place Unit Type
    State or Province
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    Alexander von Humboldt dies in Berlin Foreign
    Austrian troops cross into eastern Prussia setting off full war between Prussia and Austria. US/the World
    Danish King Christian VIII denounces Prussian attempts to foster independence movements in Schleswig and Holstein Foreign
    Erich Ludendorff, future World War German Army commander, is born in present-day Poland Personal
    German and Austrian troops advance into Danish Schleswig, opening a six month war with the Danes US/the World
    Hanover pulls out of the Three Kings' League Foreign
    In Austria, Prussia and Austria's victorious war against Denmark comes to an official end with the Treaty of Vienna US/the World
    In central Germany, Hanover's army defeats Prussian forces at the Battle of Langensalza Battles/Soldiers
    In Germany, King George V of Hanover surrenders his kingdom to Prussia. Battles/Soldiers
    In Prussia, King Frederick William IV dies at his palace in Potsdam US/the World
    In the Battle of Jasmund, the Prussian Navy fails in an effort to break the Danish blockade of Prussia US/the World
    In the Second Schleswig War, Prussian forces assault and capture the important Danish strong point of Dybbøl US/the World
    Italy and Austria sign the Armistice of Cormon, ending their seven week conflict. Battles/Soldiers
    King Frederick Wilhelm IV of Prussia appoints an assembly to participate in the law-making process Foreign
    King Frederick Wilhelm IV of Prussia refuses an offer to become Emperor of a unified Germany Foreign
    King Wilhelm I appoints Otto von Bismarck as Minister-President of Prussia US/the World
    Prussia and Austria agree a cease fire and armistice to end their five week conflict. Battles/Soldiers
    Prussia and Austria sign the Peace of Prague, ending the Prussian-Austrian War. Lawmaking/Litigating
    Prussia and Denmark agree to end their conflict over the territories of Schleswig and Holstein Foreign
    Prussia declares war on the German states of Hanover, Saxony, and Hesse. US/the World
    Prussia pledges to support Russia in its effort to prevent Polish independence US/the World
    Queen Victoria's eldest daughter marries the heir to the Prussian throne Foreign
    The flag of Italy is raised over the formerly Austrian-controlled city of Venice. US/the World
    The Prussian monarchy begins to crack down on the independent press by reintroducing censorship laws Foreign
    The Prussians win the decisive victory of the Prussia-Austria War at the Battle of Königgrätz/Sadowa. Battles/Soldiers
    The results of the plebiscite confirming Austria's ceding of Venice to Italy are announced. US/the World
    Name Type
    Berlin, Germany City or Town
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