Place Unit Type
Containing Unit
Date Type
Alexander II is crowned as Emperor of the Russian Empire Foreign
Anton Chekhov is born in southern Russia Cultural
Final resistance to the Russian conquest of the Caucasus ends with the capture of Chechen leader Shamil Foreign
In Russia, authorities reopen the University of St. Petersburg, shut down earlier by student riots US/the World
- In Russia, rioting students close down the University of St. Petersburg US/the World
In St. Petersburg, the future Alexander III of Russia marries Princess Dagmar of Denmark. US/the World
In St. Petersburg, Tsar Alexander II of Russia survives the first of many assassination attempts Crime/Disasters
In the French coast resort of Nice, the heir to the Russian Empire dies of meningitis, aged twenty-one US/the World
Near the Arctic port of Archangel in Russia, floating pack ice traps and destroys dozens of merchant ships. Crime/Disasters
Polish nationalists in Kraków lead a month-long uprising against Russian rule Foreign
Prussia pledges to support Russia in its effort to prevent Polish independence US/the World
Russia claims right to protect Christian subjects in the Ottoman Empire Foreign
Secretary of War Simon Cameron resigns and is appointed minister to Russia Lawmaking/Litigating
Senate confirms James Buchanan's appointment as minister to Russia Legal/Political
The Bank of England replenishes its gold reserves as American financial disruption effects Europe Business/Industry
The Polish rebellion against Russia comes to an end Foreign
The Turkish sultan rejects the Vienna Note Foreign
The U.S. Senate votes 26-14 to confirm Simon Cameron as the new ambassador to Russia Lawmaking/Litigating
Treaty signed between United States and China US/the World
Tsar Alexander II signs the legislation ending serfdom in the Russian Empire US/the World
Turkish ultimatum calls upon Russia to stop encroachment in Danube region Foreign
Yiddish popular writer Shalom Aleichem born in the Ukraine Cultural
Name Type
Crimea, Russia State or Province
Lithuania, Russian Empire Nation
Moscow, Russia City or Town
Vladivostok, Russia City or Town
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