Place Unit Type
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    Danish and Austrian naval units clash in the North Sea at the Battle of Heligoland US/the World
    Danish King Christian VIII denounces Prussian attempts to foster independence movements in Schleswig and Holstein Foreign
    - Danish Royal Palace at Frederiksborg gutted by fire Crime/Disasters
    German and Austrian troops advance into Danish Schleswig, opening a six month war with the Danes US/the World
    Greek succession crisis ends when Prince William of Denmark becomes King George I of Greece US/the World
    In a formal ceremony on Corfu, Britain officially transfers the Ionian Islands to Greece US/the World
    In Austria, Prussia and Austria's victorious war against Denmark comes to an official end with the Treaty of Vienna US/the World
    In Copenhagen, Prince William of Denmark formally accepts the throne of Greece US/the World
    In Schleswig, Danish troops fight their first battles against invading Austrians US/the World
    In the Battle of Jasmund, the Prussian Navy fails in an effort to break the Danish blockade of Prussia US/the World
    In the Second Schleswig War, Prussian forces assault and capture the important Danish strong point of Dybbøl US/the World
    On Corfu, British officials transfer administration of the Ionian Islands to Greece US/the World
    Prussia and Denmark agree to end their conflict over the territories of Schleswig and Holstein Foreign
    The treaty formalizing the new Greek monarchy, and the transfer of the Ionian Islands, is signed in London US/the World
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