Louisville, KY

    Place Unit Type
    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    Entire legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee gather in Louisville, Kentucky Business/Industry
    Entire legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee leave Louisville, Kentucky for Cincinatti, Ohio Lawmaking/Litigating
    Fire destroys the Medical School Building at the University of Louisville Crime/Disasters
    In a Louisville, Kentucky prison, notorious Confederate guerrilla leader William Quantrill dies of wounds Personal
    In Cincinnati, the United States Mail Steamboat Company replaces the tubular boilers on its new boat Business/Industry
    In Kentucky, "fire-eater" William Lowndes Yancey stumps for Breckinridge Campaigns/Elections
    In Kentucky, Louisville and Nashville Railroad open their latest section between Louisville and Clarksville, Tennessee Business/Industry
    In Kentucky, notorious Confederate guerrilla leader William Quantrill is wounded and captured Battles/Soldiers
    In Kentucky, Union troops capture Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner's furniture Personal
    In Kentucky, Unionist John M. Delph easily wins election as the mayor of Louisville Campaigns/Elections
    In Louisville, Kentucky, a large Unionist meeting resolves to support the Constitution and seek compromise Lawmaking/Litigating
    In Louisville, Kentucky, a mass meeting requests the withdrawal of the Freedmen's Bureau from the state. Campaigns/Elections
    In Louisville, Kentucky, captured Confederate guerrilla M. Jerome Clarke, rumored to be "Sue Mundy," is executed for murder Battles/Soldiers
    In Tennessee, Julius Mileke, Union Army deserter, is executed at a public crossroads outside Nashville Crime/Disasters
    Joseph Brown Smith, the first fully blind American college graduate, dies in Louisville, Kentucky Personal
    Louisville to New Orleans steamboat burns near Uniontown, Kentucky and eight die Crime/Disasters
    On the Mississippi, a steamboat explosion kills up to ten people, including Ohio infantrymen heading home Crime/Disasters
    Robert Anderson, hero of Fort Sumter, takes command of Kentucky's military forces Battles/Soldiers
    Seven foot nine inch tall James D. Porter, "the Kentucky Giant," dies in his sleep, aged 49 Personal
    T.D. Rice, black-face minstrel originator of the "Jim Crow" character, dies in New York City Education/Culture
    - The legislatures of Kentucky and Tennessee are hosted lavishly in Cincinatti, Ohio Business/Industry
    The legislatures of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee meet in convention in Columbus, Ohio Business/Industry
    U.S. Post Office excludes "disloyal" Louisville newspaper from its mails and post offices Lawmaking/Litigating
    William Tecumseh Sherman takes command of the Department of the Cumberland, replacing Robert Anderson Battles/Soldiers
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