Place Unit Type
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    After a ten week voyage from India, a East India merchant ship wrecks on the Irish coast Crime/Disasters
    Alexis Soyer, the most famous chef in Europe, dies in London Personal
    American ship bound for New Orleans founders off the coast of Ireland Crime/Disasters
    Archbishop John Hughes dies in New York City Personal
    Archbishop John Hughes is buried in a ceremony at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City Religion/Philosophy
    Boston registered cargo ship bound for Liverpool wrecked on Irish coast and eighteen drown Crime/Disasters
    Explosions at an Irish gunpowder mill kill five and cause widespread damage Crime/Disasters
    Famed courtesan and exotic dancer Lola Montez dies of pneumonia in New York City Education/Culture
    Fatal railway accident in Northern Ireland Crime/Disasters
    In County Wicklow, Ireland, a passenger train crashes into a ravine, killing two passengers. Crime/Disasters
    In Ireland, a small force of Irish Constabulary disperses large groups of armed insurgents in the "Battle of Tallaght." Crime/Disasters
    In Ireland, Mother Marie Joseph Butler is born in County Kilkenny Personal
    In Maryland, Philadelphia-based Joe Coburn retains his American heavyweight boxing title Education/Culture
    In Northern Ireland, Orangemen clash with Catholics killing two and wounding fifteen US/the World
    Off the coast of Ireland, a timber ship is smashed on the rocks of Dingle Bay and nine crewmen drown Crime/Disasters
    - Queen Victoria makes her third visit to Ireland US/the World
    The news of the release of Slidell and Mason reaches the British Isles US/the World
    Thirty-eight passengers and crew drown when their ship runs aground in an Irish gale. Crime/Disasters
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