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Date Title Type
Robert B. Campbell to James Buchanan, July 17, 1848 Letter
Abraham Lincoln to William Hernden, June 22, 1848 Letter
David Wilmot’s Speech in the House of Representatives, Washington, DC, August 3, 1848 Speech
Abraham Lincoln to Thaddeus Stevens, September 3, 1848 Letter
Letter from Pedro J. Pidal to Angel Calderón de la Barca, September 16, 1848 Letter
Abraham Lincoln, Fragment on Niagara Falls, circa September 25-30, 1848 Miscellaneous
The Ten Hour Revolution Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) Herald & Expositor, "Interesting Slave Case," November 29, 1848 Newspaper
The Slave Slander Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “A Slave Case,” November 30, 1848 Newspaper
(Bellows Falls) Vermont Chronicle, “Interesting Case,” December 6, 1848 Newspaper
Carlisle (PA) American Volunteer, “Get Vaccinated,” December 7, 1848 Newspaper
Natchez (MS) Courier, “Important Slave Case,” December 12, 1848 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to John D. Johnston, December 24, 1848 Letter
Boston (MA) Herald, “The Fugitive Slaves from Georgia,” January 27, 1849 Newspaper
Diary of William Quesenbury Claytor, February 4, 1849 Diary
Abraham Lincoln, Application for Patent on an Improved Method of Lifting Vessels over Shoals, March 10, 1849 Miscellaneous
William Still Recalls "Box" Brown's Escape Book
Charlestown (SC) Mercury, "A Practical Joke," April 13, 1849 Newspaper
Abraham Lincoln to J. R. Underwood, June 3, 1849 Letter