Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County, Virginia, 1857
FAIRFAX was formed in 1742, from Prince William, and named after Lord Fairfax, the proprietor of " the Northerly Neck." The part of Virginia included in the District of Columbia was formed from Fairfax. The county is watered by the Potomac and the Occoquan, and their branches. Pop., whites 5,469, slaves 3,453, free colored 448; total, 9,370. (Historical Collections, 1852)

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Davidson, John Wynn

John Wynn Davidson, profile, detail
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  John Wynn Davidson

Lee, Fitzhugh

Fitzhugh Lee, detail
Full name
  Fitzhugh Lee

Lee, Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips Lee, detail
Full name
  Samuel Phillips Lee

Waugh, Beverly

Beverly Waugh, detail
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  Beverly Waugh


Contained places
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Camp Pierpont, VA Location or Site
Dranesville, VA City or Town
Fairfax Court House, VA City or Town
Munson's Hill, VA Location or Site