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Near Grand Coteau, Louisiana, Confederate forces defeat Union infantry in the battle of Bayou Bourbeau

Battle of Bayou Bourbeau, Louisiana, November 3, 1863 (Map), zoomable
To resist the Union advance into western Louisiana, Confederate General Richard Taylor made a powerful attack, led by General Tom Green, on the rearguard of General Franklin's force. The outnumbered Union brigade quickly lost the 67th Indiana, captured by Texas cavalry. After taking over 700 casualties, the Federals counterattacked and drove off the attack. Green lost around 180 men killed and wounded.  (By John Osborne)   
Source Citation: 
Richard Lowe, Walker’s Texas Division C.S.A.: Greyhounds of the Trans-Mississippi (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2004), 135-147.