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Asher, Jeremiah W.

African American Soldier - No photograph currently available
Jeremiah W. Asher grew up in New England and later served as a chaplain during the Civil War. His grandfather, Gad, was born in Africa, taken to Connecticut against his will, and was sold into slavery. Asher, who received a license to preach from the First Baptist church of Hartford, Connecticut, worked as a minister throughout his entire life. Asher was a pastor for Baptist churches in Providence, Rhode Island, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Before the Civil War, Asher traveled to England to raise funds for the Shiloh Baptist church of Philadelphia. He later enlisted on December 4, 1863 as a chaplain for the 6th USCT Regiment. After ministering to sick soldiers in Wilmington, North Carolina, he died on July 27, 1865. It remains unclear as to whether Asher married. (By Don Sailer)
Life span: 
10/13/1812 to 07/27/1865


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