United States Colored Troops


Date Event
09/25/1861 U.S. Navy Secretary Gideon Welles authorizes the enlistment of runaway slaves into the naval service
01/01/1863 At Port Royal, South Carolina, the 1st South Carolina Colored Infantry receives its regimental colors
05/01/1863 The Confederate Congress outlines dire consequences for black Union soldiers and their white officers
05/19/1863 Meeting in Washington DC demands protection for black Union prisoners of war
05/22/1863 The Army creates the Bureau of Colored Troops to oversee the creation of African-American regiments
05/27/1863 African-American troops perform well in the abortive attack on Port Hudson and earn wide praise
05/27/1863 Afro-Creole Captain Andre Cailloux falls at the head of his troops in the attack on Port Hudson
05/28/1863 The 54th Massachusetts leaves Boston for active service in South Carolina
06/01/186306/03/1863 Harriet Tubman leads an armed raid against Confederate forces in South Carolina
06/07/1863 Black soldiers and naval gunfire drive off a Confederate attack on Union supply lines at Milliken's Bend
06/11/1863 Raiding into Georgia, former "jayhawker" James Montgomery burns the town of Darien
07/18/1863 On Morris Island, South Carolina, Confederate defenders of Fort Wagner beat back a second heavy attack
07/18/1863 Sergeant William H. Carney becomes the first African-American to win the Congressional Medal of Honor
07/18/1863 The African-American 54th Massachusetts earns fame across the North with its brave attempt to storm Fort Wagner
07/29/1863 In New Orleans, leading Creole citizen Captain Andre Cailloux is given a hero's funeral
08/01/1863 General George C. Strong, dead of wounds received at Fort Wagner, is buried at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn
02/23/1864 In the Senate, a Kentucky senator proposes the immediate discharging of all African-American troops
03/05/1864 In Union Square in New York City, the 20th U. S. C. T. receives its colors and departs for New Orleans
04/12/1864 Battle of Fort Pillow
09/29/1864 In Virginia, three soldiers from the same regiment win the Medal of Honor in the attack on New Market Heights
12/07/1864 In Philadelphia, black leaders meet with city transport companies to demand desegregation of their streetcars
08/28/1865 In Philadelphia, the Cooper Shop Volunteer Refreshment Saloon closes its doors
05/01/1866—05/03/1866 In Memphis, serious riots break out as whites kill, rape, and burn in African-American sections of the city