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Survey finds only nine of Harvard's 107 man class of 1860 are Democrats while seventy-five are Republicans

Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1859
The Cambridge Chronicle published interesting statistics on the recently graduated Harvard class of 1860. The average height was 5 foot 7.6 inches and average weight 142½ pounds. Seventy-nine of the 107 graduates were from Massachusetts. Sixty-one of the class smoked and 46 did not.  Seventy-nine drank, 28 did not.  Fifty-eight were Unitarians and 17 Episcopalians.  Only nine were Democrats, 75 were Republicans, and the rest Union.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
Cambridge Chronicle, July 1860, reprinted in Harvard College, Report of the Class of 1860 (New York: S. Angell, 1880),  203-204.