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In Union Square in New York City, the 20th U. S. C. T. receives its colors and departs for New Orleans

Presentation of colors to 20th U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment, New York City, March 5, 1864, zoomable image
The men of the 20th United States Colored Infantry Regiment left their camp on Rikers Island, New York and landed in New York City.  They marched, through streets where ant-black draft riots had raged the previous July, to Union Square.  There, watched by a crowd some estimated as large as 100,000, they received their colors from Charles King, president of Columbia College.  The regiment then took ship for New Orleans, Louisiana.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
"A Fete to the 20th U.S. Colored Infantry," Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, March 26, 1864, p.7.