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U.S. House censures former Secretary of War Simon Cameron for his lax fiscal dealings while in office

Simon Cameron, detail
Congress censured Secretary of War Simon Cameron on April 30, 1862 for administrative acts that were “highly injurious to the public service.”   For example, he allegedly entrusted public funds to Alexander Cummings, his lieutenant, who spent about twenty-one thousand dollars on personal purchases.  The charges also included his approval of granting fraudulent contracts to his associates. The 80-45 vote, with 49 others not voting, was bipartisan although most votes against or abstaining were Republican. (By Brenna McKelvey)
Source Citation: 
Erwin S. Bradley, Simon Cameron Lincoln's Secretary of War: A Political Biography (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1966).
House Vote #199 (April 30, 1862),