John T. Cuddy to John H. Cuddy, January 16, 1863

John T. Cuddy to John H. Cuddy, January 16, 1863 (Page 1)
John T. Cuddy, a Union soldier in the 36th Regiment 7th Pennsylvania Volunteer Reserve Corps, wrote a letter home to his family and friends in Carlisle on January 16, 1863 just weeks after the release of the Emancipation Proclamation. This letter depicted a young soldier's growing disillusionment with the war and claimed that "old abe done a bad thing" by promising to free slaves since it gave the Confederates more reason to fight. Cuddy noted that his regiment was in sore need of recruits and wished for the war's end so he could return home. (By Brenna McKelvey)

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John Taylor Cuddy to John H. Cuddy, January 16, 1863. John T. Cuddy Papers (MC 2001.9); Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections.
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  Cuddy, John H.
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  Transcribed by Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz, Dickinson College
  Adapted by Rebecca Solnit, Dickinson College
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