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Watson, Hezekiah

African American Soldier - No photograph currently available
Hezekiah Watson was born in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania around 1845 and served in the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. According to his service records, Watson worked as a quarryman before the conflict. In April 1863 he went to Readville, Massachusetts and joined Company I of the 54th Massachusetts. After the men completed training, the 54th Massachusetts was sent to South Carolina and joined the assault on Fort Wagner on July 18. While Watson was wounded in his left hand during the battle, he was able to return to his company. He was promoted to corporal in March 1864. Watson’s military service ended on August 20, 1865 while stationed in Charleston, South Carolina. Watson was buried in Zion Union Cemetery in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. (By Don Sailer)


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