In Knoxville, editor "Parson" Brownlow famously rejects invitation to enlist in Confederate army

William Gannaway Brownlow, detail
The outspoken Methodist preacher and publisher of the pro-Union Knoxville Whig, William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow rejected in a letter a cynical call from Gideon Pillow for him to join a regiment of Tennessee volunteers Pillow was raising for the Confederacy.  Brownlow answered cordially but concluded by saying that "when I shall have made up my mind to go to hell, I will cut my throat and go direct, and not travel round by way of the Southern Confederacy."   (By John Osborne)    
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J. Blakeslee Frost, ed., The Rebellion of the United States or the War of 1861 ... (Boston, MA: author, 1862), 181. 

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