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In snowy Washington, imprisoned spy Rose Greenhow meets with the Commission on Political Prisoners

Rose O'Neal Greenhow, detail
Rose O'Neal Greenhow, well-known Washington society widow and aunt of Stephen Douglas' wife, passed information to the Confederacy from the start of the war.  Arrested, she was incarcerated with her young daughter in the Old Capitol Prison.  She met with the two-man U.S. Commission Relating to Political Prisoners, made up of an old friend, John Adams Dix and Edwards Pierrepoint, for a hearing in which she was defiant, admitting nothing and giving no information.  She was released a few weeks later on condition she travel to the South and not return.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Ann Blackman, Wild Rose - The True Story of a Civil War Spy (New York: Random House Digital, 2006), 216.